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Don’t take chances with your business growth. More than 60% of Google Ads & Facebook Ads fail to produce a single conversion. We believe quality PPC is about spending only where your ad spend will be returned into profitable income for your business.

Global Audience

Your customers are everywhere on the planet? No worries! We are able to advertise anywhere on Google, Facebook and Bing. And to improve the performances of your campaigns we can deliver your ads in the most commum languages.

PPC Management

With the rise of additional ad formats and devices, our experts will dissect your data to understanding your pay-per-click performances before coming to any conclusions and do some optimizations. The best analysis doesn’t require genius, it just requires thoroughness!

PPC Strategy

PPC whether via Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Bing Ads is a science. And just like science, it can be a technical and confusing place. That why we design your digital advertising strategy to engage the customer from the first click to the final conversion.

PPC Optimization

We run, manage and optimize your PPC campaigns to understand your audience’s intentions, habits, needs, challenges and the emotional triggers that lead to decision making and to the final conversion. We believe in quality PPC advertising.

PPC Reporting

Great analysis and great results came from great reports. We will track everything a user does before and on your website, we will measure how your customers contribute to your business and your revenue and we will report it to you with easy to read reports.

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What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

PPC also known as Pay-Per-Click is a Paid Search Advertising model of digital marketing in which advertisers (you) pay a fee each time one of their (your) ads is clicked.

Paid Search model is used by Google, Facebook and Bing as a business model. That’s why all top links on these channels are only available on PPC model .

PPC advertising is one of the strongest strategy to develop your business online.

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PPC Management For Enterprise

All businesses are different. We know it!

Enterprise PPC Management demands a high level of organization and technical skill that we are capable to delivers to any size of companies. We’ve assembled an in-house and external team of industry experts who have skills and expertise to manage complex PPC campaigns.

There’s nothing more satisfying to our team than seeing our clients businesses grow.

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Pay-Per-Click Management That Works

Paid Search Marketing
Display Advertising
Remarketing / Retargeting
eCommerce Management
Video Marketing

When it comes to advertising online, paid search is not an option. In fact, Paid search marketing is a critical part of your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign strategy.

Google Ads

Google Ads is the most used paid search platform with more than 4.5 billion searches every single day.

Bing Ads

Bing offers a unique platform to target specific customers and to fine tune your paid search activity.

Display Advertising is perfect to reach your customers on the web and in apps — across devices.

Keywords and Topics Targeting

Choose words or phrases related to your product to target relevant websites, apps, and videos on the Display Network.

Placement Targeting

Placement targeting allows advertisers to choose specific ad placements where they’d like their ads to appear.

Audience Targeting

Using what you know about your customers, such as demographics, interests and behaviors, you can connect with people similar to them.

Similar Audiences

Similar audiences targeting allows you to show ads to people who share characteristics with people on your existing remarketing lists.

Retargeting works by tracking users who visit your website and displaying your ads to them as they visit other websites, social media or search engines.

Search Retargeting

Search retargeting targets user audiences based on previous keyword searches they have conducted on search engines.

Display Retargeting

On the Display Network, we will place display ads on a huge network of sites across the internet.

eCommerce Retargeting

eCommerce Retargeting ads will draw the potential consumer back to your eCommerce website.

Social Retargeting

Retargeting to the right audience is a must if you want to see more conversions from your Facebook ads.

PPC is the best option to increase leads thereby increasing user base thereby increasing conversions, sales and revenue.

Google Shopping

We will use shopping campaigns to promote your online and local inventory, boost traffic to your website or local store, and find better qualified leads.

Bing Shopping

We will display your product ads on the Bing Search Network who will overall your presence on the search results page outside of the general text ads.

Video marketing has been unanimously chosen as one of the rising stars in PPC advertising corridors.


Google offers several video formats including in-stream ads, video discovery ads and bumper ads to suit specific types of campaigns.


YouTube offers a remarkable video platform that enables video embedding and sharing. It pops up on the top of Google search rankings with monotonous regularity.


Facebook video ads can be incredibly powerful if you do them right. Video marketing content has the power to target your ideal audience on Facebook.


Bing is extremely useful and powerful when it comes to defining target audiences. This translates into better conversion rates as well as lower cost of conversion.

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