Jeremy Adam

Kia Ora, Welcome,

I’m the founder of Digital Ads, the french pay-per-click (PPC) management agency based in Auckland, New Zealand.

A digital marketer at heart, my experience have been bolstered with over 13 years working in the tourism industry, retail sector, technological field and financial services.

For me, exceptional results are achieved through the maximum use of data analysis and technology by all digital channels.

Since founding Digital Ads, I have made strong relationships with many clients in New Zealand. My expertise in eCommerce, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising has greatly contributed to the success of my agency.

By making the client the center of my business, I have created new customer experiences thus ensuring maximum utilization of PPC.

Self drive, respect, transparency and good leadership are my driving forces behind the success that have resulted in new innovations which are important to the goals of my clients.

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