Bing Ads Management

What Is Bing Ads Management?

Google and Google Ads have become synonymous with search engine and advertising on the digital medium respectively. However big Google is there is still place for other search engines. Bing is the alternative to Google and Bing Ads is providing far superior cost per click metrics and consequently superior return on investment.

Bing Ads management involves managing standard text ads, locating ads display on the search page, creating content ads and product ads. Managing product ads involves display of products, prices and brand. Managing Bing Ads is rendered effective because advertisers can target specific groups of customers based on their demographics, location, device used and the search time. This specific targeting gives the edge to Bing Ads in terms of cost effectiveness.

Why You Should Advertise On Bing

Being second is the USP of Bing (remember the Avis/Hertz rivalry) and herein is its efficacy as a search engine. Bing along with Yahoo and Baidu pose a challenge to Google’s hegemony over the search engine space. While Google is ahead Bing is second.

While advertisers rush to use Google Ads they have to pay top dollars to feature at the top of the search. They are jostling for space among 4.5 billion searches every day whereas Bing accounts for about 0.9 billion searches a day. Using Bing Ads straightaway gives the advertiser an advantage because chances of being discovered on Bing are 5 times higher than on Google. That in itself is a powerful reason for being on Bing Ads.

Add A Bing Ads Expert To Your Team

A Bing Ads campaign can change the fortunes of a business quickly because of its effectiveness. Successful management of a Bing Ads campaign is critical to ensure advertising effectiveness. Understanding the medium is best left to qualified and experienced experts.

We at Digital Ads have mastered the art and science of advertising using the Bing Ads resource. Our Bing Ads team is proficient in all aspects of Bing Ads planning, strategy and implementation. It will study your needs, discuss with you, iterate several strategies and firm up on the best way forward. If Bing Ads is relevant to your needs then you can rest assured that you have added a Bing Ads expert to your advertising team and success is guaranteed.

How Can You Get Amazing Results With Bing

With Bing Ads your brand can get amazing results because you can import campaigns from Google Ads and achieve conversions at the lowest possible rate. Since 170 million Bing customers use it exclusively you can expand your audience and get quality customers who are looking for your products and services.

Import Google Ads Campaigns

As most advertisers use Google Ads the advantage of using Bing Ads is to simply import the Google Ads campaign. Bing Ads provides a tool to import Google Ads with a caveat that it does not import all items. However, Bing Ads provides you with facilities to assess the imported items. Using Bing Ads support services you can assess your imported campaign and supplement with the missing items. You can recalibrate the imported campaign to suit your Bing Ads campaign goals.

Get Cheapest Conversions

An advertising campaign aims for achieving a specific goal such as lead generation, subscription, loyalty retention, and app downloads and increasing brand awareness. When a customer clicks on the ad meeting your goal it counts as a conversion. The Universal Event Tracking (UET) tool in Bing Ads lets you track the conversions. Based on the UET metrics you can determine which elements of your ad campaign have contributed to the most conversions. You can then fine tune to get the cheapest conversions.

Build a Better Audience Quality

The objective of using Bing Ads is to reach a better quality of customers. When your ad is beamed to a specific target it is expected to do better than when it is beamed to a more general audience. By using Bing Ads advertisers can improve their audience quality because more than 170 million exclusive customers search only on Bing without using other search engines. These customers also spend more time online than other search customers. Thus, advertising with Bing Ads leads to superior quality of audience.

Expand Your Audience

Expanding the target audience means more people see your ads and therefore you expect more people to seek information from your website. You could expand the audience by three broad strategies. One is to include links to more relevant pages other than the home page. The second strategy is to include mobile ads as clicking on ads on mobile devices is increasing steadily. The third strategy is to improve content of your ads by making them more relevant by using the popular search key words in the ads.

Get More Out Of Your Bing Ads Services

At Digital Ads, we are at the forefront of online advertising. We are adept at using search engines to build traffic for your products and services by showcasing your website effectively. We give you the benefit of our rich experience with Bing Ads so that you can run a campaign that will expand your audience, improve your audience quality and give conversions at the lowest cost.

We are experts in seamlessly importing Google Ads into Bing. Since we are also experts in Google Ads we are in a position to not only maximize reach by advertising through Bing Ads and Google Ads but also to optimize effectiveness of the campaign. With Digital Ads you get the best possible Bing Ads expert on the market.

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