Facebook Ads Management

What Is Facebook Ads Management?

Facebook Ads is a great advertising platform for advertisers to promote their products and services to a highly involved and interactive audience. Facebook offers advertising opportunities through Facebook Adverts, Facebook Pages and Messenger. Facebook Ads management comprises zeroing in on your target audience choosing from over 2 billion worldwide monthly Facebook users. The Adverts Manager tool in Facebook Ads helps advertisers to manage their ads from creation to running, managing and monitoring them from anywhere all the time.

The Facebook Pages allows advertisers to create pages to appear on mobile and desktop through which they can connect to prospective customers. Facebook Messenger assists advertisers to keep in touch with customers to ensure proper information flow. Thus, Facebook Ads management consists of managing the ad campaign through various Facebook tools.

Why We Love Facebook Advertising

We love Facebook advertising because it allows advertisers to fully control their ad campaigns and measure their performance. In fact, through Facebook advertising it is possible to target a particular customer. This aspect is really powerful because imagine singling out one prospect from 2 billion monthly Facebook users. Facebook tools such as Adverts Manager is a great help to advertisers.

Through the tool advertisers can choose an audience, write ad copy, test ads on various devices and place ads for viewing by prospects. Further advertisers can manage schedules and budgets, get feedback, edit ads and track performance. Using the reporting tool, advertisers can tweak ads if they are not achieving objectives to bring it on track to perform as intended.

Add A Facebook Expert To Your Team

At the macro level Facebook advertising is extremely inviting as it promises to reach 2 billion monthly users. But, at the micro level when advertisers such as you get down to brass tacks you find it very challenging. This is when you require a Facebook advertising expert.

We at Digital Ads give you this expertise as we have immense experience and competence in managing Facebook Ad campaigns. We begin by understanding your business and iterating with you on the probable course of action to meet your business objectives. Our experts will prepare a plan of action comprising ad creative, target audience, ad budget, ad insertions, schedules, performance measurement and results. With us covering your back you can focus on running your business.

What We Manage With Your Account?

You can relax knowing we are doing everything in your account, making sure it’s running and working to its fullest potential. We do all the Facebook Ads hard work for you: build custom and lookalike audiences, implement Pixels, set up re-marketing, etc.

Manage Ad Spending

In Facebook Ads you can manage ad spending by using the Adverts Manager and Power Editor tools. With Facebook Adverts tool you can create your ads and submit them to the advert auction. You can set limits for your bids based on your target audience, budget and ad objective such as conversions or impressions. The advert auction uses your information to beam your ads to interested people at a price less than or equal to your bid. Facebook offers fixed price for reaching 200,000 people or more.

Build Custom Audiences

Facebook Ads offers a very useful option to target custom audiences through Facebook pixel. You can build a custom audience from the visitors to your website and target them on Facebook. You can develop an audience based on the quality of your website visitors. For instance, you can target website visitors who did not buy or those that visited in a particular period. You could also target those visitors who stayed away for a specific period. Building different custom audiences and targeting them gives you additional leverage.

Lookalike Audiences

In a universe of 2 billion monthly users it is more than likely that you can find people with similar demographics, tastes, preferences and interests. Facebook Ads provides a feature through which you can create groups of audiences with many similarities. It is logical to assume that the Facebook universe would include users who are similar to your top buyers. Thus, it makes sense to target such users as you can expect them to behave just as your top buyers did and purchase your products or services.

Pixel Implementation

A very useful tool available on Facebook Ads is pixel. Pixel is a code that is present on your website reporting on the activity that is going on it. You can implement the pixel code on all your web pages yourself or get a developer to do so. Pixel reports on visits to particular web pages and on purchases made. This pixel reporting helps build custom audiences and you can target them specifically. Implementing pixel code is a precursor to conversion optimization.

Set up Remarketing

Remarketing is targeting a visitor or buyer a second time. It is practical to assume that a person who enjoyed a first visit to your website and did not purchase then is likely to purchase if you target him a second time. After all, persistence pays. With Facebook, remarketing tasks begin with creating custom audiences through Facebook pixel. Customer audiences can come from your own data base or from your website traffic or from app activity. Remarketing to these audiences on Facebook gives you better results than generic targeting.

Dynamic Product Ads

Online advertising evolves every second. In Facebook you can create custom audiences typically from visitors to your website. Even if there are no visitors to your website you can still create a broad audience list comprising customers who may want to buy your products and services. However, you must use Facebook pixel to track activity of customers on your website. You then specify such parameters to target similar Facebook customers by placing relevant dynamic product ads from your product catalog.

Advanced Ad Technology

Facebook is a technology driven company and to help advertisers to get more out of Facebook advertising it uses new technologies. Facebook offers partners in video creativity, mating online and offline sales, optimization and driving results. While cookies and clicks serve the needs of ad measurement they do not capture in-store and multiple device conversions accurately. Therefore, Facebook uses people-based techniques for measuring an ad’s performance. It is also offering these expensive and sophisticated measurement techniques to advertisers at large.


The reporting system in Facebook reflects the importance it pays to it to help advertisers achieve their business goals through Facebook Ads. Advertisers can analyze a host of information to learn about the performance of their ads. Reports include estimation of population in an ad’s target audience reported according to age and gender. Based on these reports advertisers can target ads for specific groups. Suggested bid reports help advertisers to set their bid range in manual bidding process. Facebook presents reports for ad campaign, ad set or ad level.

Why Companies Choose Digital Ads?

Although Facebook provides detailed and exhaustive guidelines for managing ads on the platform it is an involved process requiring expertise in Facebook Ads management. There are many tools available which get updated with new technology. Keeping up to date with the dynamic Facebook Ad process is an onerous task best left to experts.

We at Digital Ads offer you our vast experience and expertise to ensure your advertising campaigns on Facebook run optimally. Our dedicated team of Facebook experts is at your beck and call to make things work for you. We have a full-fledged advertising team capable of handling all functions related to digital advertising including a special group to handle Facebook advertising from concept to creative to placement to reporting to measurement.

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