Google Ads Management

What Is Google Ads Management?

If you want to reach users who are in your target audience profile from 50,000 users who search every second on Google you need a magic wand. Although not as surreal as a magic wand, Google Ads gives you the power to target specific audiences with specific campaigns by spending a specific amount.

Google Ads management involves understanding the Google Ads program on Google and using it to achieve set marketing goals. By placing ads using Google Ads you ensure they appear along with search results. By carefully choosing the keywords you can increase the chances of searchers seeing your ads that promote your products and services. You pay for the ads only when the user clicks on them determined by the amount you bid for such a service.

Why We Love Google Ads

We love Google Ads because it allows us to advertise for you on Google by letting us control the actions we need to take to make your campaigns successful. We can present your ad to a person searching for a generic product such as yours. The person can then click on your ad increasing the probability of selling your product at the expense of your competitor.

Google Ads is remarkable because it provides you with instant results. It is a resource that can become inexpensive if you plan your campaigns judiciously because of the fine tuning you can do and the bidding process. The bidding process allows you to pay only when the user clicks an ad. This facility allows you to control your budget.

Add A Google Ads Expert to Your Team

In today’s complex world where technology is impinging on us with increasing frequency it takes a mammoth effort for advertisers to perform all advertising functions themselves. It is possible that the ‘we will do it all’ strategy may miss some development or the other and become detrimental to the marketing efforts. This is where an expert from outside such as Digital Ads will come in handy.

What you will get from us is an expert on Google Ads advertising. You can rest assured and carry on your other vital functions leaving the Google Ads end of the business to us. With us on your side we take trial and error out of the equation. We will give you practical and result-oriented support meshing all the Google Ads elements together in one seamless manner.

We Manage All Types Of Google Ads Campaigns

The sum total of Google Ads advertising is in its elements. These include paid search, display advertising, retargeting, shopping, video and universal app. Managing these elements comes to us naturally and we deploy our tremendous expertise to work for your brand to give you unparalleled results.

Paid Search

Paid search is a legitimate advertising process but if not done right will consume your advertising dollar without giving results. Paid search involves various elements including budgeting, campaign strategy and campaign management. Keyword research, ad creation and landing page creation are vital elements in paid search advertising. Paid search is not complete without tracking, measuring and reporting on the various campaigns. Paid search also includes the highly evolving use of multiple devices to search for information on products and services providing a challenge to advertisers.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a powerful tool for advertisers through which they can achieve results with almost pinpoint accuracy. It involves a great amount of time and effort spent on creating and finalizing a campaign strategy. Identifying target audience and placing ads in front of it with sensible bidding are keys to success with display advertising. Monitoring and analysis helps in deciding optimization tasks and applying mid-course corrections where necessary. Display advertising gives excellent results when planned, strategized, optimized and implemented with clear cut goals.


Retargeting is extremely useful in driving conversions and improving your ROI. You can target users who visited your website but did not perform the action you wanted. You can analyze the reasons for not taking desired action and segment the audience and re-format your strategy with appropriate communication messages for each segment. The retargeting exercise involves A/B testing, optimization and landing page reworking. While retargeting will boost your chances of making more conversions it will also increase the top of mind awareness for your brand.


In any online product shopping effort the star is the product and it should get the maximum attention. Creating a practical structure for displaying products that enhances user experience is paramount to success in online shopping. More importantly, product lists must reflect product attributes faithfully and stay current all the time. This calls for concerted efforts at optimization of product lists for images, attributes and up to date status. Granular approach with proper segmenting is the most suitable approach for shopping activities.


Videos are powerful in evoking emotions from viewers and leading them to take some action or the other and therefore they form an integral part of any advertising campaign. With Google Ads you can insert videos into your campaigns to improve their effectiveness. Google Ads for video provides features whereby you can play videos in-stream, in-search, and in-display on Google Display Network and YouTube. With videos advertisers can target specific audiences and pay only when the user views the videos.

Universal App

Getting apps installed by users who pay for it is a task that is done efficiently by the Universal App. It helps advertisers promote their apps across all Google platforms including GDN, YouTube, Google Play and Search. It permits creation of a campaign drawing from existing strategies with minimum fuss save adding a bid. It also optimizes the campaign on all the platforms so that the users are more likely to view the campaign. The Universal App process is dynamic, always optimized for effective results.

How We Succeed In Google Ads Management?

With us, our commitment starts the moment we are in discussion with you to understand you, your business philosophy, your processes, your people and your products and services. Our commitment to you is for delivering promised results and building a long term relationship. Our Google Ads management team is vastly experienced with proven capabilities across all segments including healthcare, financial services, eCommerce and B2B.

We believe in using established strategies on Google Ads by tweaking them to suit your industry, processes, budget and audiences. We deliver promised results because we own your responsibilities as ours and do everything in our power to discharge them. For us, succeeding with Google Ads is second nature as we keep track of impending changes on the platform and adapt as required.

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