PPC Management

What Is PPC Management?

PPC stands for pay-per-click which is an advertising model followed by publishers and advertisers to entice website users to click on an ad appearing by the side of search results. Typically, advertisers use keywords and content to feature on the top of search results. Publishers use flat-rate and bid-based PPC models where advertisers pay each time a user clicks on the ad.

The Internet advertising space comprises thousands of publishers offering millions of advertisers advertising options to woo hundreds of millions of users to click on the advertisers’ ads. PPC management involves inter alia keyword analysis, split testing, negative match, competitive analysis, channel selection and monitoring. This calls for acute insights into PPC so that advertisers can maximize their ad budget’s effectiveness.

Why We Love PPC Management

We at Digital Ads swear by PPC management because it negates the oft cited quote, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” With PPC we know exactly where we spend advertising money without any wastage.

We can precisely target an audience with the most appropriate message presented in a format liked by the user at a time of the user’s choosing at a place and on a device where the user wants to receive the message. We are always in control of the advertising with the ability to apply mid-course correction where necessary. We can see instant results, measure effectiveness, enter new markets easily, scale up quickly and beam messages based on why a user is searching.

Why Do You Need A PPC Management Agency?

In the highly competitive digital advertising space dominated by a few large players and numerous small players PPC management is a full time task calling for high level of understanding of the medium. It demands competence, expertise and experience.

PPC management is hyper interactive and needs constant monitoring to ensure wastage of advertising money is kept to the bare minimum and at the same time effectiveness is heightened. Even if large advertisers can afford to have in-house PPC management they should have an external expert to help and every company small or large can afford to have a team of PPC expert. This allows large advertisers and small business owners to concentrate on other aspects of the business. PPC management agency can deploy its expertise and experience to increase customer acquisition through PPC model.

PPC Channels We Manage

Among the many PPC channels that operate in the online advertising world Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads are by far the most sought after by advertisers. Our PPC team is adept at managing these PPC channels to give you the most cost-effective ads that bring you desired results.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a double edged sword. If managed properly it gives you stupendous results growing your business from strength to strength. If managed poorly it can fritter away your advertising budget very quickly. Google Ads commands a 2/3rd share of traffic and you cannot ignore it. We deploy our experts to use the option to advantage for your business by reaching the top position instantly by judicious bids. By using our expertise you can shorten the learning curve and pay lesser CPCs for an optimal campaign planned by us.


YouTube is a channel commanding 78 percent market share among all visits made to multimedia websites. Its audiovisual format is a powerful tool to promote business. When you link YouTube with a Google Ads account you get immense advertising leverage with the combined power of the two Internet giants. You can link a YouTube channel to a Google Ads account and vice versa. With linking you can view calls-to-action and counts. You can share content of videos and create more interest for websites and other videos.

Facebook Ads

With 2 billion monthly views Facebook is the dominant social media website. Facebook gives advantage to advertisers because they can attain high target audience efficacy. Your ads get better chances of viewership among users most likely to seek your products or services and therefore become more effective than other intent-based advertising channels. With Facebook you can create custom audiences by testing ads, which in turn will help you to identify customer experience that leads to conversion which further leads to sales improving your ROI.

Bing AdsBing Ads

While Google Ads is the undisputed leader Bing Ads is a powerful advertising platform when used judiciously. Bing Ads attracts users different from Google. Often, ads and keywords giving poor results on Google may give better results on Bing Ads. It makes good sense to track and analyse traffic on Bing Ads exclusively. Another great advantage with Bing Ads is the ability to import campaigns from Google Ads. Perhaps the biggest advantage with Bing Ads is the cost of conversion which is the lowest in the industry.

How We Succeed In PPC Management?

Our PPC experts in our PPC management team follow a time-tested structure involving campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ad text and landing pages to organize your PPC strategy. At any time depending on your product or service offerings we may run several campaigns. Within each campaign we include several ad groups. Each of these ad groups in turn will have ad texts, keywords and landing pages unique to that group.

Our creative team will liaise with the PPC team to create effective messages. These will be placed optimally by our PPC team using a variety of advertising tools such as Google Ads and Bing Ads. Our team runs the campaign after analyzing, testing and re-testing all elements to maximize effectiveness for your business.

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