PPC Reporting

What Is PPC Reporting?

PPC reporting is a task worth spending time, effort and money on. It helps to understand your ad campaign’s performance for you to take corrective steps where necessary. Google provides a tool called as Google Analytics (GA) to analyze users’ viewing habits on your website. You can link GA to your Google Ads account. Through GA you can monitor traffic coming to your website from your ads as well as from other networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

While GA is useful as a tool made available by Google you need to set up a Pay-Per-Click reporting system or subscribe to Pay-Per-Click reporting service that supplements GA’s offering. With additional Pay-Per-Click reporting you can save time on preparing, analyzing, reporting and understanding reports.      

Simple And Efficient PPC Reports

You can set up PPC reports to provide you with efficient reporting. There is no point in wading through pages and pages of data generated by GA or your PPC reporting system.

You can build custom-made reporting system to give you all the information you need with just a click. You can get reports on performance of your campaigns and keywords. You can generate KPIs that include impressions, click-through-rate, conversion rate, conversion cost, average position and quality score. You can produce a search term report that lets you know the performance of your ads when clicked by the user.

These simple reports help you to analyze your overall performance and determine the effectiveness of your campaigns and ads.

Why PPC Reports Should Be Awesome

Any reporting should be useful and contribute towards improving your campaign performance measured on parameters that all stakeholders understand. Clients look for periodic leads and sales their ads generate. Clients want reports that they can take action upon. You need to encapsulate raw data into reports that clients can understand.

Your report should give reasons why an ad did what it did. You have to guard against reporting trends without a context. Reporting should be periodic so that the client can make meaningful comparisons to take actionable decisions. You should spend some time and effort with your team or agency to set up reporting systems that are meaningful. PPC reporting should use a combination of automation and manual analysis.

Get Better PPC Reports

We at Digital Ads are adept at using GA for reporting. GA alone is not sufficient and therefore we recommend Pay-Per-Click reporting system that is right for you. When we discuss with you in the beginning of your association with us we build in a reporting system that suits your business. We recommend a mix of GA, off-the-shelf tools and self-created tools that will take into account the parameters that affect your business.

Our reporting will help you to make quick decisions on your campaigns so as to make them effective. Our reporting links intricately to metrics that measure your ads’ performance. We set up periodic reports and share them with all your stakeholders in consultation with you.

In short, you will get awesome PPC reports from us.

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