Display Advertising

What Is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is online advertising appearing as banner ads in several text, image, audio and video forms. “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words,” coined in 1911 is more true today than ever with digital advertising.

Today’s display advertising is replete with messages beamed through not just texts but extremely eye-catching video and images and exciting-to-listen audio. When it appears on search engine results, social networks or third-party sites it builds brand awareness while motivating customers to purchase.

Display advertising is effective in targeting ready-to-convert new customers. When used imaginatively, it can break through high-density advertising clutter. It provides impetus to business by driving top of mind awareness. When the brand is on the customer’s top of mind conversion is easier.

Display Advertising Network

Using the power of digital platforms display advertising network employs a central sever to send ads to prospects using every conceivable digital platform such as mobile apps, emails, SMSs, blogs, RSS feeds, and websites on PCs and mobiles. The networks engage with third party websites for placing advertising messages of advertisers.

The huge advantage here is the ability to not only tailor-make ads for targeted prospects but also track and report the responses to the ads. Many display advertising networks such as Google AdSense serve the ad market. The dynamic display advertising market offers advertising opportunities based on relationships between publishers and advertisers which include vertical, blind and targeted networks.

Be At The Right Place At The Right Time

Advertisers are reaping the benefits of the compounded power of the Internet and the Smartphone. They can now beam their advertisements to prospective buyers while on the move because the Smartphone is never away from its user.

Display advertising networks provide the facility of advertising at the right time in the right place because they are privy to huge cache of digital displays which they can commission on behalf of advertisers to suit their specific requirements. This could be while shopping, while helping children in their homework, while traveling in an automobile or while perusing their emails. This facility means that prospects are amenable to receive specific types of messages in specific formats suitable to them increasing the effectiveness of the display campaign.

Targeting Strategies And Expertise

Reaching specifically targeted Internet users through display network is possible through experts in targeting strategies. For instance, showing ads to specific audiences such as housing loan seekers or particular locality residents or those seeking information in particular contexts is more effective than general advertising.

Keywords and Topics Targeting

Keywords and topics targeting is powerful and effective to garner conversion. Since keywords are vital to appearing on a search list it is critical that the keyword selection is contextual. There is no point in placing keywords that are not relevant for sports shoes. Similarly, there is no merit in displaying ads for sports shoes on a kitchen sink website. Display networks demand expertise in key word selection and topic selection so as to maximize effectiveness of the display ads.

Placement Targeting

Expertise in placement targeting is very useful to manage placement of display ads on websites relevant to the brand or business. Targeting borrows from military precision and knowing the target is half the job done.  For instance, placing ads for children’s products on online video games is more relevant than other websites. Similarly, ads can appear on any kind of website on the Internet such as niche, shopping, online videos or news websites. Expertise is available to place ads on mobile websites, RSS feeds or apps.

Audience Targeting

Audience targeting is another useful expertise to possess to ensure effectiveness of display ads. An audience comprises users who are creatures of habit. They show a pattern in their searches or browsing activities. Tracking these habits provide insights into their behavior. Placing ads based on their search or browsing behavior increases the chances of viewing those ads. Audience targeting can also identify users primed for purchase and a nudge from the relevant display ad can convert them to buyers. Audience targeting can also reach large number of prospects.

Similar Audiences

In creating audience targeting strategies it is possible to discover that some of the audience members would display characteristics similar to current users of a website. Displaying ads that brought in current users to new similar users would greatly enhance its effectiveness in converting them to potential buyers. By targeting similar audiences advertisers need not reinvent the wheel to search for new users. They can reach larger number of potential users who are more likely to convert to the advertisers’ business.

How We Do Display Advertising

Display advertising is a powerful communications tool in the hands of advertisers. It has the ability to attract new users, convert them to potential buyers and motivate them to buy the advertisers’ products and services.

Display advertising is a specialized task requiring expertise in the areas of display ad creation in various formats including text, image, video and audio formats. It also demands expertise in using display advertising networks to promote the advertiser’s products and services. Besides, it involves iterating on targeting strategies. These may include topics and keywords, placement of ads and audiences.

We at Digital Ads possess teams with requisite expertise to provide display advertising that is highly effective in harnessing its power to give advertisers a competitive advantage in the market.

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