Paid Search Marketing

What Is Paid Search Marketing?

If there is one thing that can help your business to soar it is paid search marketing. It is extremely powerful and acts quickly giving you almost instant results. Paid search marketing allows your business to strike when the prospect is hot. Featuring at the top of search engine results is a sure fire way of beating competition, more so when a prospect is actively looking for your product or service. The way to do it is to pay the search engine to feature your ad in the top of its search results. You pay only when your ad gets clicked.

Paid search marketing is an involved and time consuming process and it is here we at DigitalAds can lend our expertise to work for you.

Paid Search Platforms

In the digital world promoting a brand through SEO, content marketing and organic traffic is supplemented with paid search on search engine sites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and Ask to generate quick sales. There are other platforms besides search engines such as AdRoll and Criteo which allow targeted advertising.

Paid Search Marketing - AdWordsGoogle Ads

Google Ads is the most used paid search platform simply because of the immense power of Google with more than 4.5 billion searches every single day. Advertisers spend $1 on Google Ads and generate at least $2 in revenue. You can use Google Ads to tap customers locally, nationally or internationally. You can advertise using Google Ads through two headlines, two text lines and an URL. Google Ads is compatible with mobile phone usage as more and more people are using mobiles to conduct their search.

Paid Search Marketing - Bing AdsBing Paid Search

At 870 million searches every day, Bing is the second most popular English search engine after Google. While you cannot ignore Google you can use Bing to fine tune your paid search activity with its Bing Ads program. Bing offers 167 m unique customers to target. Google and Bing can be analogous to a person using a machine gun and sniper respectively. Paid search platforms use different algorithms to rank pages. Bing offers a unique platform to target specific customers at a much lower cost than Google.

How We Succeed

We at Digital Ads take pride in our paid search management expertise. We have a set of skilled, experienced and dedicated personnel overseeing each aspect of paid search management activity.

We first understand your needs and in consultation with you prepare a sound paid search strategy. Then, we work out an implementation plan compatible with the strategy and your budget. We choose platforms such as Google, Facebook and Bing supported by other platforms to optimize your ad spend to deliver the best results. We create advertising strategy based on the customer’s needs, emotions and habits. We continuously monitor the implementation to report the findings as well as to fine tune where necessary. We are thorough in our analysis as we report to you how the strategy has worked in contributing to your revenue and business.

Don't Take Our Word For It

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I strongly recommend PPC Management to everyone interested in running a successful online business!

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With a moderate budget, Digital Ads offered me tailor-made and particularly profitable solutions.

Where Campaigns Fail

Often, paid search strategies fail. The reasons could include overdependence on cost per lead indicator and broad set of key words, writing too many ‘me too’ ads, inefficient call tracking, irrelevant landing pages, slow loading of website, intense competition and the complex nature of running and managing a paid search campaign.


The digital world is skewed heavily in favor of the big ad spenders. They can allocate large budgets for generating leads and then even larger budgets for converting these leads. Converting from leads to sales is the most difficult part consuming a lot of effort and advertising dollars as the competition is intense. For smaller advertisers a sound strategy with a judicious selection of paid search platforms and attention grabbing advertising copy would be a more prudent way of facing competition than taking them head on.


Creating strategies to succeed with paid search campaigns is a complex activity involving human emotions, attitudes and purchase habits. Often, it is a trial and error activity that can drain your resources quickly. Since you don’t have sufficient budget to match the big spenders you have to overcome this weakness with a carefully constructed campaign. You have to guard against bidding too low, overuse of keywords, insufficient monitoring, verbose copy and other such attributes which cause humongous wastage of your funds. You can do well to transfer this responsibility to us at Digital Ads.

Paid Search Technology

We have said that a paid search campaign is a complex activity involving human emotions, attitudes and purchase habits. In order to simplify we employ technologies to automate stimuli as well as responses and measure them. There are specific technologies available for various elements of the paid search campaign.

We at Digital Ads use technologies to research keywords, display, competition and paid search platform performance. We also employ qualitative and quantitative analytical tools to understand your market. Many a time, certain activities are so time consuming or impossible that use of technology becomes imminent. Technology is able to simplify large amounts of data into manageable and meaningful sets of information from which we can fine tune paid search strategy.