What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a powerful and effective method to convert visits to sales.

It is quite frustrating for advertisers to learn that a prospect visited their sites but did not buy the product or service after the visit. For targeting such visitors once again there is a method available in online advertising known as retargeting or remarketing.

Retargeting monitors first time visitors to the website storing information on the visitors’ activities then. This information comes in handy when the same visitors revisit the website. Retargeting reminds them of their activities during the previous visit and motivates them to complete the purchase. Retargeting also targets them when they visit another website directing them to the first website to complete the purchase.

Why Is Retargeting Effective?

Retargeting is effective because it targets prospects that became familiar with the product or service during their first visit. It ensures that prospects get exposed a second time reinforcing the brand in their minds. The chances of purchase increase because they may exhibit readiness to buy. Metrics indicate that click through rates with retargeting are much higher than first time clicks. Typically, retargeting bids are at much lower rates leading to better conversion rates.

Retargeting is also effective because it builds confidence in the brand with repeated exposure. Retargeting is effective in yet another way as it targets advertisers’ first time prospects even if they visit other websites. This allows the advertisers to bring back the first time visitors.  

How Does It Work?

Retargeting works on the basis of recording the activities of visitors to websites through either a cookie or a tag. This recording allows preparation of lists that classify the activities into which visitors visit what web pages. When visitors make second visits or visits to other websites advertisers can display retargeting ads to them and entice them to purchase.

The networks run by giants such as Google and Facebook offer exchanges which track visitors and enable advertisers to place retargeting ads in front of these visitors. Retargeting platforms offer optimization models to ensure retargeting ads deliver effective results. Bidding for retargeting ads is similar to other online paid advertising. This allows advertisers to control their retargeting ad campaign.

Retargeting Channels

There are a variety of retargeting channels operating in the online advertising space. The prominent retargeting channels include search retargeting, display retargeting, e-commerce retargeting and social retargeting channels. The online advertising giants such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offer the most popular and effective retargeting channels.

Search Retargeting

With 6.5 billion searches every day searching on the Internet for information on products and services is gargantuan by any standards. Search engines such as Google use technology to capture search activity and store it for future use. This becomes useful in search retargeting process which enables advertisers to tap into prospects who are hitherto untapped. Advertisers can use previous search activity to focus on products and services that may interest these prospects increasing the chances of further engagement with them.

Display Retargeting

Display retargeting is extremely useful in driving results and attaining limited reach. Most of the display networks offer display retargeting. Google Display Network (GDN) is an excellent retargeting platform because it is simple to use. GDN is versatile as it reaches hundreds of thousands of apps and websites. It makes marketing sense to use GDN for retargeting display ads. GDN’s vast repertoire includes YouTube which can add muscle to any campaign with retargeting video ads. Using display retargeting enhances the effectiveness of display ads.

Ecommerce Retargeting

How would ecommerce business owners react if we gave them a method by which they would increase their sales tremendously even with a low online advertising budget? They should feel happy because ecommerce retargeting just does that. This retargeting method brings back prospects who visited the ecommerce store without purchasing at the first instance. With ecommerce retargeting advertisers can pinpoint prospects that were looking for products earlier, may purchase if offered an incentive, may buy related products and may respond positively when reached on their Smartphone.

Social Retargeting

With the advent of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube millions of people engage in online activities offering powerful and effective platforms for advertisers to exploit. Social retargeting permits the use of social media platforms to beam ads to prospects to entice them to buy products and services. The advantage of social retargeting is to beam personalized ads to social media members who visited an advertiser’s website earlier. Advertisers can also target the ready-to-buy leads with appropriate messages. Advertisers have a choice of several major social media platforms who offer retargeting.

How We Succeed With Retargeting

Our retargeting recommendation begins with understanding your brief and determining where and how retargeting fits into your broad strategy.

We believe that retargeting is flexible and needs constant monitoring to ensure its effectiveness. We look at your previous customers in detail and using their activity metrics we devise a retargeting strategy for you that will result in high ROI, high branding, high conversions, low CPC and low cost-per-impression. We will ensure the best possible result for your retargeting budget. We do this by advising you on how to use the retargeting channels offered by Internet and social media giants such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Our retargeting team is fully qualified, competent and experienced to give your sales the boost it needs with retargeting.

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