Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the process of promoting a product or service using the video medium. Videos can target prospects that can’t read or write. Adding video formats to various forms of advertising generates more interest and prospects are more likely to respond to video ads than static and text ads.

With the high penetration of smart mobile phones watching a video on the move is quite simple. Thus, video marketing is taking the front seat in digital advertising rendering other forms of advertising into the background. Further, when promoting products or services advertisers can use videos to describe them better. Through video marketing content is now delivered to prospects more dramatically at a time and in a place of the prospects’ choosing and on the device they are comfortable with.

Paid Video Marketing: The Future Of Pay-Per-Click Ads

Which advertising medium reflects the following?

– The fastest growing
– Enhances click-through rates
– Provides easily understood information
– Taps prospects that cannot read or write
– Easy to adapt into digital advertising campaigns

Your answer is right if you said video marketing. People all over the world are warming up to video marketing wholeheartedly simply because of its sheer magnetism. It transcends illiteracy, languages and nationalities. Advertisers are realizing the immense power of video marketing as it becomes the future of PPC ads in the short and medium term until something more resonant appears on the digital advertising horizon. All giants in the Internet space led by YouTube are embracing video marketing offering a highly interactive and intuitive medium to promote products and services.

How Does Video Marketing Work With PPC?

Video marketing works with PPC by simply changing the acronym to PPP – pay-per-play. Led by YouTube, all the major players in the digital advertising space offer video marketing platforms. Just as advertisers are in full control of their PPC campaigns they are also in full control of their video marketing campaigns. They pay only when someone plays the video. They can play videos to audiences by choosing demographics, topic of viewing and prospects’ likes. Their videos can appear on any device the prospects are using including surfing the Internet.

Video marketing is also an excellent remarketing tool. Videos embedded in landing pages attract prospects more than text ads. Video marketing can serve as the precursor before mounting a PPC ads campaign on the interested prospect.

Video Marketing Channels

All major digital advertising platforms such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and Bing offer video marketing channels to bolster the advertisers’ digital advertising efforts. While YouTube is a dedicated video marketing channel others provide video marketing in addition to their regular offerings.


Google, the ‘can’t be ignored’ advertising channel, offers video marketing to leverage its enormous power. Google offers several video formats including in-stream ads, video discovery ads and bumper ads to suit specific types of campaigns. Google allows targeting video ads by advertisers on YouTube and Google Display Network where they can specify demographics and remarketing lists. Videos on Google can target prospects watching specific content while installing mobile apps or shopping. Google offers many performance features for videos which are available to display and search campaigns.


YouTube’s mission in essence is to give everyone a voice and show them the world by listening, sharing and building communities through their stories. What Google is to search engine YouTube is to video advertising. With 1.3 billion users watching 5 billion videos everyday YouTube is a channel that no advertiser can ignore. By understanding the requirements of advertisers and customers, YouTube offers a remarkable video platform that enables video embedding and sharing. It pops up on the top of Google search rankings with monotonous regularity.


What Google is to search engine and YouTube is to videos Facebook is to social media. As the most domineering social media platform, Facebook video marketing advertisers can feature on top of Google search engine results and get high exposure through Facebook users. With features on Facebook permitting easy sharing of videos directly from their news feeds and streams users can expect their videos to go viral. Facebook is excellent for retargeting campaigns as well as for reaching audiences with similar interests and preferences.

Bing AdsBing

Although a distant second to Google, Bing is extremely useful and powerful when it comes to defining target audiences. This translates into better conversion rates as well as lower cost of conversion than other platforms. Bing is superior when it comes to video search, image quality, rewards, music discovery, pricing and local search. Perhaps Bing’s biggest achievement is its tie-up with two Internet giants – Facebook and Twitter and technology giant Apple. With these tie-ups Bing scores over other platforms including Google.

Get More Out Of Your Video Marketing Campaigns

We at Digital Ads believe that you need to get the best out of your advertising dollar. Therefore, we offer you our best advice based on recommendations from our qualified, experienced and competent digital advertising professionals. They recommend moving with the times and video marketing is the new kid on the block.

Our expertise in video marketing encompasses all the new age advertising channels including the giants such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Bing. We are also adept at using other great platforms for video marketing such as Vimeo, Vidyard and Wistia. We handle campaigns that can run on individual platforms but we recommend a judicious mix of platforms to ensure that the whole is more than the sum of parts.

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